Meet my new trio….MamaDear!!


Hey friends!! I am SO excited to announce that I am in a new trio called MamaDear that I am really excited about. As much as I love pursuing my solo career, singing with these guys is even more amazing, and I am pumped about all the doors that have been opening for us in the last couple of months. Before I get ahead of myself, let me go ahead and introduce these awesome fellas…first up we have Parker Bradway. Parker is originally from Atlanta, GA and moved to Nashville about two years ago to chase his dream of becoming a country singer and songwriter. Known for his love of old-fashioned Coke bottles and swing dancing, this guy has got some serious vocal chords, not to mention some pretty rockin mandolin skills. The third musketeer is Daniel Wilson, a guitar-pickin’ machine from South Carolina, lovingly known as “Danny Boy”. This guy can sing y’all. And he is the real deal. Straight from the heart of Greenville, with a twang that doesn’t lie, Dan makes this country trio “officially” southern and officially awesome.

We have spent the last couple of months fine-tuning our harmonies, hand-picking and writing songs that we love, and playing shows in and around Tennessee. Some highlights have been playing at Virginia Tech’s Relay for Life in front of a couple thousand people, and playing at some of Nashville’s most beloved venues including Puckett’s Grocery downtown, Mercy Lounge, The Listening Room and Two Old Hippies.

This week we are off to New York for a couple shows up there! It has been a whirlwind journey, but I am having the BEST time, and am so excited to see what will happen next! I am so thankful to be able to work with two such incredible guys! If you want even more info about our trio, how we got started, and what’s coming next, check out our bio below :)

When singer-songwriters Parker Bradway and Daniel Wilson met up on friend and fellow singer-songwriter Kelly Tillotson’s front porch one sunny morning in Nashville, TN, they were not expecting anything more than a normal songwriting session. Two hours of harmonizing, foot stompin’ and guitar pickin’ they sensed something special was brewing. Little did they know that over the next couple of weeks that rickety white porch would birth the feel-good, sweet, southern sound that is MamaDear. “We are going for a country, rootsy, homey sound, so it seems fitting that we would be formed on a porch!” says Daniel Wilson. In just a few short months MamaDear has already started to create a buzz around town playing at popular Nashville venues such as Puckett’s, Two Old Hippies, The Listening Room, The Mercy Lounge and more.

“We want to separate ourselves from other groups in country music. We hope to bring back a more genuine, raw, and familiar feeling to the music we make,” says Parker Bradway. MamaDear’s “family like” three part harmonies have captured audiences and paved the way for MamaDear to be chosen as one of the featured acts at Virginia Tech’s Relay for Life concert in front of several thousand people, and there is more to come. The trio already has a full schedule of shows in the coming weeks, including a brief tour up to Syracuse, NY. “We feel so blessed that all of these doors are opening for us, and we are really excited about what’s around the corner. We’re on an exhilarating adventure and we want to bring everyone along with us,” says Kelly. MamaDear is preparing to record their first EP while playing shows both locally and across the country.