Why New Years resolutions stink…

New Years resolutions stink. Why? Because they don’t quit nagging you until you at least attempt to do them. Last year, one of my ambitious resolutions was to start a blog. I was so excited for my first post. I spent hours planning, praying, dreaming, and preparing for what was bound to be an epic endeavor. I had the vision, I had the name, I had a brand-new Tumblr account…blogging bliss was at my fingertips. The name I settled on for my blog page was “Braver Days,” and my first post was a stream of passionate declarations about bravery, fear, and chasing your dreams. As I clicked the “publish” button I felt inspired and accomplished. I had actually followed through on a resolution! If all went as planned, I may even be asked to write a book. Who knows? In retrospect, “Braver DAY” (singular), may have been a more appropriate name as that was my first and last post ever. I think about three people read it, and they all happened to share my last name. Sad, I know.

The other day I got an email announcing my blog had turned 2 years old. It had a cupcake with a candle and everything. I felt awful. I had abandoned this poor little blog for an entire year! However, after the initial waves of guilt, I sucked it up and decided to try again. After all, the bar wasn’t set very high. Even two days of blogging would be considered wildly successful in comparison. So here we are. I hope this blog may in some way inspire you to get up, brush off the dust of 2013, and pick up where you left off. Join me as I share the musical adventures of my band MamaDear (mamadear.com), my crafting explorations, and personal stories in the hopes that you will share yours too. And maybe if we all share a tiny bit of ourselves, we can learn something new and leave this year a little wiser, kinder, stronger, and much, much BRAVER.

"Braver Days" turns 2 years old!